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Photography by Yoshi Shimizu


 Since its creation,  Violonissimo instruct, guides and inspires the quest for excellence of young violinists, in an open and inclusive spirit. The creativity, individuality and development of the students are at the core of our teaching approach. While respecting the tradition of great masters of the violin, including Joseph Gingold, Franco Gulli and Mimi Zweig, Violonissimo's pedagogy pursues ambitious goals of creation, research and innovation.

Combining rigour and freedom, technique and expressiveness, tradition and modernity, this unique pedagogy allows the young violinists to develop their musical skill in an atmosphere of confidence and joy. Our extensive program of musical activities that includes concerts, workshops, chamber music courses and masterclasses, guide students in the realisation of their artistic aspirations.

Over time, Violonissimo has become one of the most awarded music schools in Switzerland. Each year, its students take part in national and international competitions and win numerous prizes.

In 2014, at the age of 15, Camille Berthollet won the France 2 Prodiges competition in Paris.

In 2015, Warner offered Camille Berthollet and her sister Julie Berthollet a first exclusive contract.

Since 2014, the school has been involved in outreach projects that support the musical education of children from underpriviledged backgrounds all over the world.

The Violonissimo team offers violin lessons for young talents as well as pedagogy seminars for teachers of social organisations for youth and music such as the Barrios Orquestados (Gran Canaria - Spain).


Every year, Violonissimo gives a charity concert in which students and teachers perform.

These annual gala concerts are dedicated to humanitarian causes committed to children’s education, thus, putting music to the service of human rights, youth and peace.



Any child who enjoys listening to music has the ability to learn to play music.


Musical aptitude is not innate but acquired. The potential of every child is limitless.

Practicing music is a source of joy and learning an instrument should be an exciting process, which guides the student towards self-expression and personal fulfillment.



Violonissimo's pedagogy, the result of extensive experience and constant innovation, creates for each student the right balance between pleasure and challenge, which is considered the key to a healthy and sustainable musical development.

Through recitals and concerts, students develop artistically from an early age, in a performance based learning .

Through a sequential repertoire, collected, composed and arranged for each level of learning, budding musicians are exposed to a wide range of styles and discover new musical and technical horizons.


   violin - viola - cello - double bass

Violonissimo offers a learning program which aims for artistic excellence. We offer a personalised curriculum that adapts to the aspiration of each student from age 4, and from beginner to pre-professional level.


Programs : The Enchanted Violin ( practical infos )  -  Violonissimo course (practical infos) - Free program ( practical infos)

We also provide "à la carte" private lessons which can be face-to-face or online ( practical information ).  

Music theory is integrated into the instrumental lessons at the primary level and offered as additional lessons at the more advanced level. Concert certificates are awarded at the end of each academic year.  




SEASON 2022-2023
from September 5, 2022 to June 25, 2023



The enchanted violin Program

Weekly individual lessons of 20' + monthly group lessons of 50' + 4 annual concerts

Fees: 550 chf/ trimester


Violonissimo program

Level I:

Weekly individual lessons of 30' + monthly group lessons of 50' + 4 annual concerts.

Fees: 750 chf/ trimester


Level II & III:

Weekly individual lessons of 45' + monthly group lessons of 50' + 4 annual concerts.

Fees: 950 chf/ trimester


Level IV & pre-professional:

Weekly individual lessons of 60' + monthly group lessons of 50' + 4 annual concerts.

Fees: 1150 chf/ trimester


Violonissimo Intensive Program

2 weekly individual lessons of 60' + monthly group lessons of 50' + 10 group lessons +  4 annual concerts.

Rates: 2400 chf/ quarter

Scholarships are available for students in this program.


Music theory & improvisation

These progressive and creative music theory lessons allow students to apply their musical language to the practice of the instrument.

Level I (Suzuki Method vol.I)) - Level II (Suzuki Method vol.II & III)) - Level III (Concerto)

Prices: 600 chf/ year - 34 weekly lessons of 60'


Registration fee

A registration fee of 100 chf is levied for each student per school year. In case of withdrawal, this tax is not refundable.


Family reduction

A reduction of 5% on school fees is granted to the second child of the same family.



The school year includes 34 weeks of lessons, 10 workshops and 4 concerts. Private lessons can be made up for in case of illness or for a valid reason but not reimbursed.

Year-round workshop dates are posted in September and are subject to change as needed.


Education certificate

Violonissimo organizes 4 student concerts per school year:

  • Winter Recital (solo concert) in November

  • Gala concert (group) in December

  • A spring recital (solo concert) in March

  • Concert Fête de la Musique (group)


A study certificate is awarded to students who have participated in at least three of Violonissimo's four concerts.

Infos pratiques




+41 22 347 41 56

2, rue François Bellot
1206 Geneva 

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