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Photography: Yoshi Shimizu


Since its founding in 2000, Violonissimo has trained, guided and inspired young musicians in their quest for artistic excellence, in an inclusive spirit. The creativity, individuality and development of each student are at the center of tour pedagogy.


While respecting the tradition of great masters of the violin, notably  Joseph Gingold, Franco Gulli and Mimi Zweig, Violonissimo’s pedagogy pursues ambitious objectives of creation, research and innovation.

Combining rigor and freedom, technique and expressiveness, tradition and modernity, this unique pedagogy allows the young violinist to develop his art in a climate of confidence and joy.

Thanks to a rich program of artistic activities which includes concerts, workshops, chamber music workshops and masterclasses, students are encouraged to realize their artistic aspirations.

Every year, Violonissimo students participate in national and international competitions and win numerous prizes. Over the years, Violinissimo has become one of the most awarded music schools in Switzerland.

Since 2014,  Violonissimo's team of teachers engage in social projects that support the musical education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The school currently sponsors Barrios Orquestados, a youth music organization in Gran Canaria, Spain.


A propos


We believe that every child who loves listening to music can learn to play music. Musical ability is not innate, but acquired, the potential of each child is limitless.
Violonissimo's pedagogy, the result of vast experience and constant innovation, creates for each student the right balance between pleasure and challenge considered as the key to healthy and sustainable musical development.

Through a sequential repertoire, collected, composed and organized for each learning level, budding musicians are exposed to a wide range of styles and discover new musical and technical horizons.

Through  recitals and concerts, students develop artistically from a young age in performance-driven learning.
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The Team

Artistic Direction - Violin

olon - Solfeggio


Violin -  Chamber music - Orchestra

Violin - Cello

Violin - Viola


Electric violin -Mucurrent sique

Violin - Viola - Chamber music -  Orchestra
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Infos pratiques

Practical Infos

The Enchanted Violin

For beginners aged 4 to 5

Weekly individual lessons of 20’ + monthly workshops of 50’ + 4 annual concerts.


Tuition: 170 chf/month or  560 chf/trimester

Violonissimo Program

Level I & II

Weekly individual lessons of 30’ + monthly workshops of 50’ + 4 annual concerts.

Tuition: 230 chf / month  or 760 chf / trimester

Level III & IV

Weekly individual lessons of 45’ + monthly workshops of 50’ + 4 annual concerts.

Tuition: 290 CHF / month or 960 CHF / trimester


Level Concerto

Weekly individual lessons of 60’ + monthly workshops of 50’ + 4 annual concerts.

Tuition: 350 CHF/month or 1160 CHF / trimester

Violonissimo Virtuoso Program

2 weekly individual lessons of 60’ + 10 workshops + 6 annual concerts.

Tuition: 720 chf / month or  2400 chf / trimester

Scholarships are available for students in this program.

Online master class

For particularly motivated students who are already taking violin lessons at Violonissimo or elsewhere. These private online lessons are given individually by one of our artists in residence of your choice.

Tuition : 120  chf/ one hour class

Music theory class

These music theory lessons are adapted to the level of each student allowing students to apply their musical language to the practice of the instrument.

Weekly 60’ class

Tuition: 550 chf/year

Tuition for Violonissimo students: 500 chf/year

Violonissimo workshops & concerts

Intended for all young musicians who would like to play in a string ensemble and perform in Violonissimo concerts. 

A teacher recommendation is required for admission to this program.

10 workshops & 2 concerts


Prices: 400 chf/year

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